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Monobloc Automatic Bridge Saw GMM – EXTRA 400 CN2 – 5 interpolated axis

Brand: GMM
Model: EXTRA 400 CN2
Year: Brand New machine 2024 – Ready for delivery – 1 year GMM warranty

Max horizontal disc stroke (X axis) 3700 mm
Max horizontal bridge stroke (Y axis) 2700 mm
Max vertical disc stroke (Z axis) 400 mm
Max allowable disc diameter 625 mm
4-pole disc motor power 1450 rpm 50 Hz – 13 (S6) kW
Automatic tilting head for granite 0°÷90°  and swiveling 370°
Hydraulically operated tilting table
Touch screen
Program for automatic cuts
Voltage/frequency V/H 400/50

Optionals included:
with 3 sections, disc casing of Ø 625 mm instead of the standard one and related software
CENTER WATERFEED MOTOR (max. 6000 rpm) for the use of mill / router tools with 1/2″Gas connection right and 36×2 right for contouring works
EXTRA TABLE dimension 3800 mm x 150 mm located behind the (tilting) main saw table to extend the machines useful working area
DIGITAL CAMERA to capture the picture of contours and defects of slabs
TOOL DIAMETER / ROUTER LENGHT CONTROLLER for checking blade diameter / router length
SLAB THICKNESS READER to detect the thickness of material to be processed – can be used only with blades smaller than 625 mm (24 inches) Ø
OPTICAL TEMPLATES DETECTOR in DXF: intuitive program to detect with an optical collimator and store complex profiles of flat templates placed on cutting table
CUTS FROM CAD – largely used program for cut on slab of complex figures with rectilinear and curved sections; it allows positioning on screen the parts to optimize the slab
PARAMETRIC FIGURES – program for the creation directly on screen of complex figures (kitchen tops, fan shaped steps, circular sectors, ellipses..
COMBINED CUTS FROM CAD – program for cutting parts with multiple tools in one sequence; (blade, router or core drill), in a unique page where the image of the slab is shownthe software will perform the nesting of the piece to be cut and allocate the preferred tools to be used. The software will be taking into account the blade thickness/diameter, the tool diameter and length it will intuitively assign all the cuts for each operation with the appropriate tool. The result will be sawing the straight and radius pieces by blade and then finishing the corner with the use of the router or the core drill

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