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Ref. FP3874 Bridge Saw for marble and granite

Ref. FP3874 Bridge Saw for marble and granite Brand: PEDRINI
Model: M920GR
Year: 2004Machine in good working condition
Disc diameter 625 mm
Cutting capacity axis X 3600 mm
Cutting capacity axis Y 3600 mm
Vertical Stroke axis Z 400 mm
Disc Motor Power 18,3 kW
Tilting Motorized Disc max. 45° (Only one Cut...

Ref. FP3877 Bridge Saw

Ref. FP3877 Bridge Saw Brand: CAMPAGNOLA E FEDELI
Year: 2004
Disc diameter disco max 825 mm
Useful cut 3500 X 3500 mm
Automatic turning table - tilting
Programm for automatic cut

Ref. FP3862 Bridge saw

Ref. FP3862 Bridge saw Brand: BRETON
Year: 1996
Diamond blade diameter 400/625 mm
Max depth of cut with blade diameter 625 mm
Spindle verical displacement 300 mm
Spindle longitudinal run 3800 mm
Dimensions of table with brackets 3500x2...

Ref. FP3871 Bridge saw

Ref. FP3871 Bridge saw Brand: PEDRINI
Model: M557
Year: 1990
Max allowable disc diam. 825 mm
Disc vertical stroke 430 mm
Useful cut: 3500 x 3500 mm
Motorized tilting disc
Manual turntable
Program for automatic cuts

Ref. FP3852 Bridge Saw

Ref. FP3852 Bridge Saw Brand: NOAT
Model: ASTRA
Year: 2000
Max allowable disc diameter 1600 mm
Motor power 30 kW
Useful cut 3600 x 3500 mm
Program for automatic cuts
Manual turntable

Ref. FP3849 Bridge saw

Ref. FP3849 Bridge saw Brand: BRETON
Model: EASY CUT FE 800
Year: 2005
Max allowable disc diameter 825 mm
Tilting head
Motorized and progrmmable table

Ref. 1975 Bridge Saw

Ref. 1975 Bridge Saw Brand: BISSO
Model: E350
Year: 1999
Disc diameter 625 mm (possibility up to 800 mm)
Transversal bridge translation: 3500 mm
Longitudinal spindle stroke: 4200 mm
Vertical spindle stroke: 400 mm
Spindle motor power: 22 kW